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Jiang Jheng manage and control our process from raw material receiving, through final product inspection, package, even delivery to make sure best quality of product to fulfill customer needs and satisfaction. We fabricate parts according to drawing or sample from client, and the materials we can machine are various, such as copper, iron, steel, aluminum…etc. The materials machined are described as following:

● Copper:pure copper、brass、bronze、copper alloy.......etc.
● Iron:SS41、S45C...etc.
● Steel:SUS304、316......etc.
● Aluminum:A5052、A5083、A6061、A7075.......etc
● Titanium:pure titanium、titanium alloy......etc.
● Engineering Plastic:Teflon、POM、PEEK......etc

Main Business Item
◎ Machined part of Semiconductor.
◎ Electronic components. Ex: Vacuum Chamber, cooling channel and others.
◎ Machined part of aircraft structural.
◎ Medical equipment components.
◎ CNC precision machining fabrication
◎ Vacuum chamber machining fabrication
◎ Customize CNC machining parts

Service and product(ODM):

  • Analysis and Plan:
    We propose tailor-made product specifications, materials applications and design proposals that analysis of customer needs.
  • Design and Perform:
    By professional designers using computer assisted design, supply drawings for proposals.
  • Production Model:
    We confirm styles of drafts that make a real size and color texture simulation for customer reference.
  • Production Planning:
    We confirm the drafts and samples, plan manufacturing process, arrange the supplier, supervise quality and ship production.

IC Assembly Boat - SMT Boat

One Piece Vacuum chamber

Vacuum chamber parts- Diffusion plate

Vacuum chamber parts

Vacuum chamber parts- Mask

Vacuum chamber parts- Target backplane

LCD process parts- Substrate Carrier

  • G6 Titanium Sub. Carrier
  • G7 Titanium Sub. Carrier
  • G4 Titanium Carrier
  • PSS Sub. Carrier

Testing Equipment Parts

Aerospace industry - structural components

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